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When drafting contracts, we strive to avoid any conflicts from the very outset, and at the same time to fully protect our clients’ interests in the event of a dispute with the contracting party. During contract negotiations, we implement our clients’ vision efficiently while ensuring compliance with the law.

We advise our clients on drafting contracts in all key areas and branches of commercial law. Our attorneys offer advice on issues including sale and purchase agreements, supply agreements, employment contracts, developing complicated contractual structures, adapting licence and franchise agreements in compliance with Ukrainian law, customs clearance of goods, execution or enforcement of contracts. We offer innovative and value-added solutions while developing distribution systems in Ukraine.

DLF’s attorneys advise suppliers, trade representatives, authorized dealers, as well as franchisors and franchisees on all aspects of contract and tax law.

Our specialists provide advice on all issues of Ukrainian tax law, including analysing and evaluating tax risks, as well as structuring complicated transactions.

In addition to advice on contract law and ongoing tax consulting, we offer our clients the following services:

  • Supporting contract negotiations
  • Comprehensive advice on legal and tax law aspects of drafting contracts in any industry
  • Advice on payment collateral
  • Advice on obligations for product liability
  • Out-of-court and in-court defence against product liability claims
  • Drafting authorized dealer contracts, commission agent contracts, franchising agreements, and other distribution agreements
  • Advice on structuring commission
  • Advice on selecting the optimum distribution system (e.g., establishing a subsidiary in Ukraine, or founding a Ukrainian LLC)
  • Representing in all out-of-court or in-court disputes
  • Advice on foreign trade legislation and customs law
  • Advice on antitrust law issues associated with distribution
  • Issues under tax law
  • Tax advice in connection with corporate sales and acquisitions
  • Tax advice for expatriates in Ukraine
  • Representation at tax authorities and courts
  • Execution and enforcement of contracts