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DLF attorneys-at-law is a team of experienced legal consultants in Ukraine who always strive to meet your individual needs and the highest expectations of every assignment, and to find the optimum solution for you.

Our professional background means that we have a large number of international enterprises among our clients. We tackle every issue from the very first moment you start your business in Ukraine, providing comprehensive legal advice covering both professional and economic issues.

Our customers highly value our practical, result-oriented working style. DLF’s major strengths include our full-service approach, multilingual and highly competent team, entrepreneurial expertise, as well as our business and target-oriented approach. Putting these together enables us to offer our clients effective, tailor-made solutions.

We represent enterprises in a wide range of industries: IT, engineering, management consulting, agriculture, life sciences and healthcare, renewable energy, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as home appliances.