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DLF attorneys have excellent expertise in representation before ordinary courts and carrying out arbitration proceedings. This starts with preparation of the arbitration agreement.

We advise and assist our clients in asserting and defending their claims in various legal areas. These include, in particular, diverse claims arising from supply contracts, installation contracts, shareholders disputes and disputes between contracting parties, disputes regarding employment relationships or real estate.

The right combination of assertiveness and discretion has already allowed our attorneys to guide and successfully complete a significant number of legal proceedings. We inform our clients about the prospects, risks, and costs of litigation prior to undertaking an assignment. We don’t just focus on raising a claim; our strengths also include out-of-court settlements. We select the course of action that promises the best economic result.

Our services for asserting and defending against claims include:

  • Assessing the opportunities and risks which may arise from the legal dispute
  • Filing legal action
  • Taking all provisional measures required, e.g., interim injunction
  • Collecting claims
  • Recognising and enforcing rulings by foreign courts in Ukraine
  • Recognising and enforcing foreign arbitral awards in Ukraine
  • Representation before the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Insolvency proceedings