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Our attorneys provide advice on everything to do with antitrust and competition law in Ukraine. The team is led by Andriy Navrotskiy, who worked for many years at the Antimonopoly Office of Ukraine where he was involved in developing of ground-breaking laws and regulations. He has invaluable hands-on experience and proven expertise in the field.

Our services for antitrust law range from advising on strategic planning, reviewing the requirement to register pending mergers through to structuring sales systems and agreements to ensure these are in line with antitrust law, and also challenging decisions by the Antimonopoly Office of Ukraine.

We advise international enterprises in various industries, e.g., renewable energy, automotive, life sciences and engineering.

The DLF experts have extensive expertise, as is demonstrated by their numerous publications, including “M&A. Kartellrechtliche Aspekte in der Ukraine” (M&A. Aspects of Antitrust Law in Ukraine), which is one of the most detailed publications of the field.

Our advice on the antitrust law includes the following issues:

  • Structuring transactions and strategic alliances in compliance with the law
  • Advice and representation in antitrust law matters (coordinated behaviour, penalty proceedings)
  • Examining business plans to ensure these comply with competition law
  • Advising and representing companies if these are accused of abusing a dominant position
  • Antitrust due diligence prior to the acquisition project
  • Guiding merger applications and merger control proceedings with the Antimonopoly Office of Ukraine
  • Applying for preliminary opinions from the Antimonopoly Office of Ukraine and ministerial approval
  • Structuring and antitrust reviews for sales contracts and agreements
  • Representation in antitrust proceedings against the Antimonopoly Office and in Ukrainian courts
  • Appeals against decisions by the Antimonopoly Office