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We consult Ukrainian and international companies (from various areas of industry) on matters of Ukrainian advertising law. The clients of DLF attorneys-at-law are benefited from vast experience and practical skills of our experts in this field.

Our advertising law practice encompasses issues of compliance with advertising requirements, structuring of transactions with regards to obligatory provisions of advertising legislation of Ukraine, assessment of risks of sanctions imposed by the controlling bodies, as well as appeals on the decisions of the state authorities in the area of advertising.

In addition, we are specialized in provision of the comprehensive risk analysis concerning the content of advertising materials, as well in development of the plan on minimization of negative consequences from the already committed violations of the advertising law.

Legal advice of our experts covers many aspects of advertising law, including:

  • Preparation, adaptation, analysis of the agreements on rendering of advertising services (on television and radio, external and internal advertising, advertising in the Internet, placement of advertising materials in public transport)
  • Drafting of agreements on provision of various types of advertising services (PR/BTL/Creative/Sponsorships)
  • Analysis of advertising materials regarding compliance with the advertising and competition law requirements, including provision of detailed recommendations on elimination of possible violations of law
  • Preparation, analysis of agreements on participation of an individual in creation of advertising materials (photo shoot, participation in shooting promotional videos, voice announcement, localization of advertising materials, etc.)
  • Preparation, adaptation, analysis of agreements on creation/transfer of the IP objects for particular advertising materials
  • Preparation, adaptation, analysis of agreements on development of software, including advertising flash games, promotional websites and various apps with adverts
  • Preparation, analysis of agreements on manufacturing of printed and other advertising materials, non-standard advertising materials
  • Preparation, analysis and execution of agreements with business entities on purchase of rights for use of IP objects, manufacturing and adaptation of advertising materials (TV commercials, musical pieces)
  • Preliminary analysis of the process of advertising campaign/contest for compliance with Ukrainian legislation
  • Preparation of rules for advertising campaigns, prize draw/gifts and other promotional activities
  • Analysis of enquiries from the advertising controlling authorities and preparation of responses on such enquiries