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May 22, 2020

Important information for foreigners in Ukraine during COVID-19 quarantine

Which foreigners are allowed to enter Ukraine despite the lockdown?

In accordance with Order No. 287-p of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine On the Temporary Restriction of Crossing State Borders Aimed at Preventing the Spread of such an Acute Respiratory Disease as COVID-19 in Ukraine, foreigners are temporarily prohibited to cross the state borders and enter Ukraine until 22 June 2020.

However, in accordance with the above Order, the following foreigners and employees are allowed to enter Ukraine during the quarantine period:

  • foreign citizens entitled to permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine;
  • foreigners who are the spouses or children of the citizens of Ukraine;
  • employees of foreign diplomatic missions and consular institutions accredited in Ukraine;
  • employees of the representative offices of official international missions, organizations accredited in Ukraine, and members of their families;
  • drivers and service personnel of cargo transport vehicles, crew members.

Stay of Foreign Citizens in Ukraine during the Quarantine Period

Under Law On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Aimed at Preventing the Occurrence and Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), dated 17 March 2020, as adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament, the foreign citizens, being unable to either leave Ukraine, or apply to the authorities of the State Migration Service of Ukraine for extending the period of their stay in Ukraine or exchanging a temporary / permanent residence permit, shall not be subject to the penalties for the foreigner status legislation violation if such violations have been committed during or as a result of the quarantine. This only applies to the foreigners who were legally staying in Ukraine when the quarantine was introduced.

Note! The running of the time periods for applying for prolongation of a temporary / permanent residence permit shall be suspended from the date the quarantine was announced (12 March 2020) for the period of quarantine or restrictive measures related to the spread of COVID-19.

Therefore, if a foreign citizen’s temporary / permanent residence permit expires during the quarantine, such a foreign citizen can apply to the relevant department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine for the residence permit renewal within 30 days after the quarantine is lifted.

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