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April 2, 2019

The 11th CBBL Foreign Law Forum to be held in Vienna on 24 May 2019

On 23-24 May 2019, the 11th Annual Conference of CBBL (Cross Border Business Lawyers), one of the largest networks of German speaking lawyers abroad (www.cbbl-lawyers.de), is to be held in Vienna. DLF attorneys-at-law exclusively represents Ukraine in the network.

On 24 May 2019, the 11th CBBL Foreign Law Forum will take place under the title of Development of Distribution Structures Worldwide and International Dispute Resolution. The forum will be held at the Erste Campus in Vienna. Within several panel discussions, the CBBL lawyers from around the world will share their practical experiences related to the successful distribution structures development, including drafting contracts, choosing the appropriate legal form and hiring the staff. Moreover, they will debate the efficient and cost-effective conflict resolution, including drafting of arbitration clauses and arbitration, both with each other and with the audience.

The detailed forum agenda is available upon request. The event visitors are not restricted to CBBL members, everyone is welcome to participate. German-speaking CBBL lawyers from over 60 countries around the world will also be available for individual discussions at the forum.

On this occasion, Igor Dykunskyy, LL.M., partner at DLF attorneys-at-law, is available for personal meetings in Vienna from 22 to 25 May 2019. To arrange an appointment with Igor Dykunskyy, please, contact Khrystyna Khariv ([email protected]).

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