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November 6, 2020

DLF partner to speak at an ICC Austria Webinar on Ukraine

On Wednesday and Thursday, 11-12 November 2020, the interactive webinar Ukraine: applicable laws and drafting contracts for export, transportation and establishing representative offices will take place. The event will be held in the German language. The webinar will be available through the ICC Austria platform, and will encompass 3 interrelated modules on:

11 November, 9:30 am through 12:00 pm

11 November, 1:30 through 4:00 pm

12 November, 9.30 am through 12:00 pm.

Four blocks of the 1st day of the webinar will be led by Igor Dykunskyy LL.M., a lawyer and partner and Olga Ianushevych, associate at DLF attorneys-at-law. In their presentations, Igor and Olga will dwell upon the issues of exporting to Ukraine, particularly, in terms of contract law and foreign currency regulations; entering the Ukrainian market; building distribution structures in Ukraine; as well as key labour law provisions.

Other topics to be discussed on the webinar include transportation, customs clearance and required documents, some aspects of tax law, corruption prevention, compliance, property rights, etc.

The webinar is targeted at exporters and the management of export-oriented enterprises, managers of commercial and technical projects, heads of distribution and logistics departments, regional representatives, and professionals in the field of export-import documentation. Participants are welcome to ask their questions during the Q&A section after each presentation.

The webinar will be of particular interest to those looking to benefit from the vast potential of the Ukrainian economy, to obtain a practical understanding of doing business in Ukraine, with all of its advantages and peculiarities, as well as for those looking to establish or improve the export, logistics and distribution-related processes.

The event agenda is available here.

To register, please visit the IСC Austria website.

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