March 15, 2018

Fines for the Violation of Rules of Stay in Ukraine by Foreigners Increased

On 27 February 2018, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine On Introducing Changes to Some Ukrainian Legislative Acts Related to Ensuring the State Border Security. The Law increased the fines rates for the violation of rules of stay in Ukraine by foreigners, envisaged fines for the violation of entry to Ukraine ban by foreigners and for the violation of ATO zone demarcation line crossing rules, as well as increased fines for the violation of rules of the Ukrainian state border crossing.

Thus, the Law stipulates an increase in fines for resistance to border service people and public organizations representatives protecting the border. In particular, the fine in the amount of UAH 850 up to 1700 (UAH 85 up to 170 before) is provided for malicious disobedience of legal instruction or demand of either a military man or a Ukrainian State Border Guard Service officer in the course of his/her performing duties, while he/she is protecting the border. The fine of UAH 1700 up to 5100 (UAH 170 up to 340 before) is envisaged for a repeat offence or an offence, committed by a group of persons.

The Law also provides for fines for foreigners violating the rules of stay in Ukraine and transit moving through its territory. Now fines will constitute UAH 1700 up to 5100 (UAH 510 up to 850 now). Such increased fines also target to foreigners non-observing the established registration order or foreigners living in Ukraine with invalid or expired documents, as well as foreigners violating the established period of stay in Ukraine.

The fine in the amount of UAH 3400 up to 5100 (it used to constitute UAH 1700) is envisaged for the violation of order of temporarily occupied territories entry, if committed repeatedly by a group of persons or within a year, the sum will reach UAH 8500. These fines may be imposed only within three months since the violation was detected and not later than in a year since it was committed.

Illegal entry to the antiterrorist operation zone is punishable by the fine in the amount of UAH 510 up to 850, if committed repeatedly within a year or by a group of persons, the sum will constitute UAH 850 up to 1190.

If a foreigner was trying to enter the temporarily occupied territory or leave it with breaches, he/she will be banned from entering Ukraine for a 3-year term. In case of the ban violation the term will increase by another 10 years.

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