August 2, 2015

Procedure for notary access to Land Cadastre approved

On 24 June 2015, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by the Resolution No. 457 “Some questions on providing notaries with the access to the State Land Cadastre” approved the procedure for notary access to the State Land Cadastre.

This Procedure specifies the terms and conditions for notaries to access the State Land Cadastre to search data on registered land plots during performance of notarial actions for such land plots (except for testament certification) or the state registration of rights to a land plot for the formation of an extract from the Land Cadastre.

To access the Cadastre notaries should contact the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and connect to the land cadastre using telecommunication channels and electronic digital signature.

The search for information on a registered land plot in the Land Cadastre will be carried out by its cadastral number. The fee (currently this payment amounts to UAH 53, about USD 2) will be charged for the issue of the extract from the Land Cadastre.

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