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December 14, 2016

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the practice for organic production

On 31 August 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its Decree No. 587 approved the rules for organic production, which defined the basic requirements for the production of organic products of vegetable origin and agro-technological features of their production.

Thus, in the process of organic production, the manufacturer must provide:

  • the execution of economic activities that do not create negative impact on ground condition and soil fertility, improves fertility and other quality indicators, etc.;
  • minimal use of resources that are not renewable and products of non-agricultural origin;
  • the use of biologization advantage by expanding seeding of perennial grasses and implementation of bacterial preparation, by increasing the area of crops, planted for green manure;
  • the use of manufacturing processes that do not bring hazard impact on environment and human health;
  • disposal of waste and by-products of vegetable origin in the production of organic products;
  • registration of local or regional ecological balance data when selecting products (raw materials) for production.

During the production of organic products, the use of organic fertilizers should contribute to optimizing plant nutrition and soil fertility restoration, providing a self-supporting balance of nutrients in the soil, increasing of yield and quality of crop production.

Also, the Resolution prohibits using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs and their derivatives, products produced from GMOs and preservatives during organic production.

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