May 3, 2016

Procedure for sale of ‘green’ energy generated by the households

On 15 April 2016, the restated Procedure for sale, accounting and payments for electricity generated from alternative energy power facilities of private households became effective. This procedure specifies the process of commissioning generating facilities of private households, procedure for accounting and sale of generated electricity.

We note, that the Law of Ukraine ‘On electricity’ provides for the possibility for households to be equipped with solar and wind power facilities with capacity of up to 30 kW (but not exceeding capacity allowed under the agreement on electricity use).

Private households are entitled to set up electricity generating facilities with capacity of up to 30 kW and sell electricity produced from solar or wind energy under the feed-in tariff to the electricity distribution company in the amount that exceeds monthly consumption of electricity by such private households.

Generation facility at a private household is deemed to be commissioned as of the date of submission (sending) of the respective notification to the electricity distribution company. The latter shall examine capacity of a generation facility at the household within three business days following receipt of the respective notification.

If within the household there are several commissioned generating facilities, to which several coefficients of feed-in tariff apply, such household shall establish special commercial accounting for each such generating facility as well as special commercial accounting for electricity consumed by the household.

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