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Ukrainian, Russian, German, English


Andriy Navrotskiy consults and represents clients worldwide for antitrust, labour and contract law.

He specializes in legal due diligence, preparation of legal opinions, as well as the legal design and tax optimization of transaction structures. Advice and support do not end after the closing phase or notification of the merger. Andriy also offers his clients competent and comprehensive post-merger consulting.

Having worked at the Antimonopoly Office of Ukraine, where Andriy contributed to the development of a number of ground-breaking laws and regulations, he possesses invaluable experience in consulting and supporting investors on diverse matters of antitrust and competition law. Andriy has managed numerous cross-border M&A transactions, focusing on mergers in particular.

In addition, Andriy represents clients before Ukrainian competition authorities, including cases involving the abuse of a dominant position, concerted practices, and penalty proceedings.

Another practice area of Andriy Navrotskiy is advising and representing our customers’ interests in court proceedings and arbitration courts, with support in the subsequent enforcement of claims in enforcement proceedings. In addition, he can boast distinct expertise in the recognition and enforcement of rulings of foreign courts in Ukraine and recognition of foreign arbitral awards in Ukraine.

Furthermore, Andriy Navrotskiy has years of hands-on experience in consulting and representing private investors in extra-judicial and in-court disputes with Ukrainian banks.


  • Designing transaction structures during the merger of a German bank and an international insurance company in Ukraine
  • Advising and supporting a large Ukrainian retail-holding company on recognition of a Ukrainian ruling in Germany
  • Representing interests of one of the world’s biggest steel producers (based in China) in a court proceedings against a Ukrainian purchaser
  • Representing and supporting a Swedish retailer in an investigation into an unannounced merger by the Antimonopoly Office of Ukraine
  • Advising one of the largest printed media enterprises in Germany during the sale of its business in Ukraine
  • Advising and issuing an announcement about the merger of a German investor and a Ukrainian agricultural company to the Antimonopoly Office of Ukraine
  • Restructuring German subsidiaries of a Ukrainian holding company in order to reduce risks from import/export of goods from EU to Ukraine
  • Corporate and tax optimization of an agricultural holding company
  • Representing a German shareholder in a court dispute with other shareholders of a joint German-Ukrainian production company
  • Representing a company in a court dispute with a Ukrainian Bank regarding a deposit withdrawal and enforcement of the court ruling
  • Obtaining the approval of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for economic concentration (M&A) on behalf of one of the largest Hungarian banks for the sale and purchase of assets of the European bank and insurance group


Andriy Navrotskiy graduated in law from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. He has also completed a postgraduate course at the University of Augsburg majoring in international economic law. In 2005 he completed his thesis ”Recognition and enforcement of international rulings in Germany and Ukraine” (Anerkennung und Vollstreckung internationaler Entscheidungen in Deutschland und der Ukraine) and received his Master of Law (LL.M).

2000-2003 – Civil servant at the Antimonopoly Office of Ukraine in Kyiv; 2006-2007 – Head of the legal department of Soft Service Holding (Dekor Service); 2007-2009 – Lawyer at Beiten Burkhardt law firm in Kyiv; 2009-2012 – Managing director of LANNA production company; 2012-2013 – Lawyer at bnt & Partners Kyiv, and since 2014 – Partner with DLF attorneys-at-law.


Recognition and enforcement of rulings of international court in Germany
Recognition and enforcement of rulings of German courts in Ukraine
Anti-trust aspects of partnership of international enterprises in Ukraine
M&A. Aspects of anti-trust law in Ukraine
General principles of the Ukrainian anti-trust law